6 Amazing Hospitality Experts You Need to Know About!

In this article I am about to provide you list of some really amazing top experts in hospitality industry that you shouldn’t ignore.
hospitality experts

Their work will not only highlight you the potential this field can offer but also to use their achievements as benchmark to consider, evaluate the rest of the experts in this field.

And also if you are looking for some great experts to hire, to work in your firm, brand to give you some solid suggestions, consultancy when it comes to your brand then these experts are definitely the go to guys.

And maybe you don’t want them to hire but you want to learn from them, well, luckily you can, few of these guys have written extensively on the subject matter.

I am going to provide their twitter, facebook, weblog etc details so that it is easy for you to reach them.

Let’s get to our super cool list of our experts now

Famous Hospitality Experts

Danny Meyer

Notable Achievements:

  • Founder & CEO of famous Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG)
  • USHG restaurants, chefs have achieved 28 James Beard awards
  • Three stars from the New York Times
  • Author of New York Times Bestseller on the subject matter

You can connect with Mr. Meyer via twitter

John R. Walker

Notable Achievements:

  • Over 15 years of industry experience
  • Has been involved in management training at the “London’s Most Famous Hotel” aka Savoy Hotel London
  • Has worked with other well known brands in the industry like Selsdon Park Hotel, Grand Metropolitan Hotels, Rank Hotels, Inter-Continental Hotels etc
  • Has been featured in numerous hospitality journals like The Cornell Hotel Restaurant Administration Quarterly and The Hospitality Educators Journal.
  • Is author of the well known book on the subject matter called Introduction to Hospitality which is now going into its sixth edition.

Micah Solomon

Notable Achievements:

  • World renowned expert in the field and author of a best seller on the subject matter
  • He has been providing his expertise, consultancy to the likes of Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, Panasonic and clients from hospitality niche includes Auberge Resorts, Umpqua Bank, Michigan Grocers Association, Hospitality Design Group etc.
  • A regular contributor to Forbes where he writes on Hospitality, Customer service etc while his work has been featured in numerous well known magazines like BusinessWeek, Inc, ABC, NBC, CBS, HBR etc.
  • His books have been translated into over a half a dozen languages


You can contact this expert via his website Micah Solomon

Leonardo Inghilleri

Notable Achievements:

  • CEO of Inghilleri consulting group that has been providing consultancy to various well known organizations firms in different niches including firms from hospitality niches.
  • Remained Chief Human Resource Officer for famous Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company for over 10 years.
  • Remained Vice President BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts
  • Author of an international best seller on the subject matter


You can connect with Mr. Inghilleri via his firm website Inghilleri Consulting Group

Lee Cockerell

Notable Achievements:

  • Has experience of over four decades in hospitality industry
  • Author of three best sellers
  • One of his best seller has been translated into 13 different languages
  • Had been in charge (Executive Vice President of Operations) of guest operations at Disney World for over a decade
  • Had been in senior executive position with famous hotel chains like Hilton Hotels (8 years), Marriot International (17 years) etc


You can connect Mr. Cockerell via his website

Sandy Coughlin

Notable Achievements:

  • Owner, Founder of the famous online platform on hospitality called the Reluctant Entertainer
  • Sandy’s been featured in Rachael Ray’s magazine, Better Homes & Gardens Traditional Home, MSN.com, The Huffington Post, Buzz Feast, FoodieCrush Magazine, and is a contributor at Simple Mom, RecipeGirl, and more!

Note: if you are a woman and need some help in hospitality, then Reluctant Entertainer is the place to check!

Over to you guys!

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