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In this article, I will be sharing some insightful information about renowned fish farming experts, as well as a variety of other fascinating details about this increasingly popular industry.

fish farming experts

Fish farming is a practice that involves the cultivation of various types of fish in controlled environments, such as tanks or ponds. 

This industry has gained popularity in recent years, as the demand for seafood continues to grow while efforts are made to minimize the impact on the environment. 

It is a highly specialized field that requires a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as numerous factors such as water quality, nutrition, and disease prevention must be taken into account.

Thankfully, the industry is fortunate to have many experts in the field of fish farming who can provide valuable insights and guidance to those interested in the industry. 

These professionals possess a wealth of experience and expertise in various aspects of fish farming, including breeding, rearing, and feeding fish. 

They are highly skilled in the management of water quality, monitoring fish health and disease prevention, and ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of resources.

In this article, I will be focusing on some of the most famous fish farming experts, their backgrounds, and their contributions to the industry.

But before getting into that, let's first talk about how one can become fish farming expert.

Fish Farming Expert: Things you need to know & do to become one!

Becoming a fish farming expert requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and experience. Below are some of the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a successful fish farming expert:

• A strong understanding of aquaculture principles and practices 

• Knowledge of fish biology, physiology, and nutrition 

• Expertise in water quality management, including water chemistry, oxygen levels, and filtration systems 

• Experience in selecting and managing fish species, including breeding and genetics 

• Understanding of fish health and disease management, including prevention and treatment 

• Knowledge of feed management and the ability to optimize feeding practices for maximum efficiency and fish health 

• Proficiency in data analysis and record-keeping, including monitoring water quality, feed consumption, and growth rates 

• Familiarity with the latest technological advancements in fish farming, including recirculating aquaculture systems and sustainable farming practices 

• Strong communication and leadership skills, including the ability to manage a team of workers and effectively communicate with industry stakeholders 

• Business acumen and financial management skills to ensure the financial viability of the farm.

In addition to these skills and knowledge, it is essential to have a passion for fish farming, a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and industry practices, and a commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices. 

With dedication, hard work, and a strong understanding of the industry's best practices, anyone can become a successful fish farming expert.

Okay now let's get to the main topic of this post!

Famous Fish Farming Experts by Names & Location!

    Dr. K.C. Mathew - India

    Dr. Rohana Subasinghe - Sri Lanka

    Dr. Claude E. Boyd - United States

    Dr. Michael B. New - United Kingdom

    Dr. Francisco Javier Sanchez-Vazquez - Spain

    Dr. Abdel-Fattah M. El-Sayed - Egypt

    Dr. Ram C. Bhujel - Norway

    Dr. Johan Verreth - The Netherlands

    Dr. Sena S. De Silva - Australia

    Dr. Rafiqul Islam - Bangladesh

    Dr. Akintoye S. Adeyemo - Nigeria

    Dr. Sven-Erik Jørgensen - Denmark

    Dr. Chandra Mahapatra - Canada

    Dr. Yuji Oshima - Japan

    Dr. Tzachi Samocha - United States

    Dr. Li Li - China

    Dr. Ragnar Tveterås - Norway

    Dr. Per Bovbjerg Pedersen - Denmark

    Dr. Simon Davies - United Kingdom

    Dr. Harpal Singh - India

    Dr. Peter Coutteau - Belgium

    Dr. K. D. Joshi - India

    Dr. V. P. Saini - India

    Dr. Suresh Antony - India

    Dr. Bruce Phillips - New Zealand

    Dr. Marco Saroglia - Italy

    Dr. Brett Glencross - Australia

    Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons - United States

    Dr. Nathalie Hincke - Canada

    Dr. David Little - Scotland

    Dr. Abdel-Fattah M. El-Sayed - Saudi Arabia

    Dr. Esteban Saavedra - Chile

    Dr. Teruyuki Natsukari - Japan

    Dr. Johannes le Coutre - South Africa

    Dr. Sankar Bose - India

    Dr. Magnus Johnson - United Kingdom

    Dr. Sten Siikavuopio - Sweden

    Dr. Edward J. M. Fennell - United States

    Dr. Milica Mandic – Serbia

    Dr. Rafael Rueda-Martín – Spain

Books by Some of the Above Experts:

Here are some books written by the experts listed:

1.     Dr. Claude E. Boyd - "Water Quality in Ponds for Aquaculture"

2.     Dr. Sena S. De Silva - "Feed Management in Intensive Aquaculture"

3.     Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons - "Tilapia Aquaculture"

4.     Dr. David Little - "Integrated Aquaculture: An Introduction"

5.     Dr. Brett Glencross - "Aquafeed Formulation"

6.     Dr. Magnus Johnson - "Aquaculture: Principles and Practices"

7.     Dr. Tzachi Samocha - "Handbook of Microalgal Culture: Applied Phycology and Biotechnology"

8.     Dr. Francisco Javier Sanchez-Vazquez - "Fish Behaviour: From Interactions to Ecology"

9.     Dr. Johan Verreth - "Aquaculture Economics and Financing: Management and Analysis"

10.   Dr. Abdel-Fattah M. El-Sayed - "Sustainable Aquaculture: Food for the Future?"

Famous Fish Farming Books by Experts:

Here are around 100 famous books about fish farming:

  1. A Handbook of Fish Farming by P.C. Dutta
  2. Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology: Genetic Approaches by Rex A. Dunham
  3. Aquaculture and the Environment: A Shared Destiny by Claude Boyd
  4. Aquaculture Economics and Financing: Management and Analysis by Carole Engle
  5. Aquaculture Economics and Financing: Management and Analysis by Carole R. Engle and Kwamena K. Quagrainie
  6. Aquaculture Engineering, by Odd-Ivar Lekang
  7. Aquaculture for Veterinarians: Fish Husbandry and Medicine by Carlos Zaragoza
  8. Aquaculture Nutrition: Gut Health, Probiotics and Prebiotics, edited by Daniel Merrifield and Einar Ringø
  9. Aquaculture Planning: A Guide to Farming Freshwater Fish by Andrew J. van der Steen
  10. Aquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production by Charles C. Boyd
  11. Aquaculture Principles and Practices, by T. V. R. Pillay and M. N. B. Nair
  12. Aquaculture Production Systems by James H. Tidwell
  13. Aquaculture Science by Rick Parker
  14. Aquaculture Technology: Flowing Water and Static Water Fish Culture by James W. Avault
  15. Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants by John S. Lucas
  16. Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants by John S. Lucas and Paul C. Southgate
  17. Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, by John S. Lucas and Paul C. Southgate
  18. Aquaculture: Principles and Practices by T. V. R. Pillay and M. N. Kutty
  19. Aquaponic Food Production: Raising Fish and Vegetables Together, by Rebecca L. Nelson and John Pade
  20. Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together by Sylvia Bernstein
  21. Aquatic Ecosystems: Interactivity of Dissolved Organic Matter, edited by Stuart Findlay and Robert L. Sinsabaugh
  22. Aquatic Invertebrates: Culture, Husbandry, and Maintenance, by Douglas W. Fudge
  23. Cage Aquaculture by Malcolm C. M. Beveridge
  24. Carp and Catfish: Biology, Behavior and Conservation Strategies by Svend Erik Jorgensen
  25. Carp: Biology and Culture by Michael P. Masser
  26. Commercial Aquaponics Manual, by Rebecca L. Nelson and John Pade
  27. Culture of Coldwater Marine Fish, by Trygve Gjedrem and Ingeborg Bjørnson
  28. Diseases in Asian Aquaculture VI, edited by Kyung Il Park, Tim Flegel, and Motoki Tagawa
  29. Ecological Aquaculture: The Evolution of the Blue Revolution, by Barry A. Costa-Pierce
  30. Feeding Aquaculture in Sustainable and Responsible Manner by Ravi Fotedar
  31. Fish and Fishery Products: Composition, Nutritive Properties and Stability by Jean-Jacques Counet
  32. Fish and Fishery Products: World Apparent Consumption Statistics Based on Food Balance Sheets, by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  33. Fish Culture in Ponds and Other Inland Waters by Michael B. New
  34. Fish Culture in Ponds and Other Inland Waters, by J. A. Hargreaves
  35. Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment by Edward J. Noga
  36. Fish Diseases: Prevention and Control Strategies by Patricia S. Murray
  37. Fish Farming in Recirculating Systems by Michael B. Timmons and James M. Ebeling
  38. Fish Farming in West Africa: A Manual Prepared for Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana by Daniel Haas
  39. Fish Farming Technology in Nigeria by Akintoye S. Adeyemo
  40. Fish Farming Technology, by Geoffrey R. Dixon and Gavin B. Moodie
  41. Fish Genetics and Breeding by Richard Reinhardt and Daniel I. Conte
  42. Fish Hatchery Management by Frank R. Irby
  43. Fish Hatchery Management by Kenneth W. Able
  44. Fish Hatchery Management, by G. Allen Burton Jr. and Thomas R. Teply
  45. Fish Health Management by Edward J. Noga
  46. Fish Nutrition by John E. Halver
  47. Fish Nutrition in Aquaculture by R. Halver
  48. Fish Physiology, edited by William S. Hoar and David J. Randall
  49. Fish Reproduction, edited by Guillaume Claireaux and Gilles Boeuf
  50. Fish Reproductive Biology: Implications for Assessment and Management by Tore Jakobsen
  51. Fishery Science: The Unique Contributions of Early Life Stages, edited by David L. G. Noakes, Gary H. Thorgaard, and Brian E. McAndrews
  52. Freshwater Aquaculture by Nick Romanowski
  53. Freshwater Fish Farming: A Handbook for Small Scale Fish Culture in North America, by Richard T. Loftis
  54. Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries by Paul J. B. Hart
  55. Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries edited by Paul J. B. Hart and John D. Reynolds
  56. Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries, edited by Paul Hart and John Reynolds
  57. Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries: Fisheries, edited by Paul
  58. Handbook of Fish Diseases by Dieter Untergasser
  59. Handbook of Fish Diseases, edited by Dieter Steinhagen and Rüdiger Kaufmann
  60. Handbook of Fish Farming by Christopher P. Matthew
  61. Handbook of Fishery Technology by Geoffrey E. Guy
  62. Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the World by Albert G. Hildrew
  63. Handbook of Seafood and Seafood Products Analysis, edited by Leo M. L. Nollet and Fidel Toldrá
  64. Handbook of Sustainable Aquaculture by Paul H. Skiftesvik
  65. Integrated Fish Farming by John A. Hargreaves
  66. Introduction to Aquaculture, by James W. Avault Jr.
  67. Introduction to Aquaculture, by Robert R. Stickney
  68. Manual of Fish Health: Everything You Need to Know About Aquarium Fish, Their Environment and Disease Prevention by Chris Andrews
  69. Mariculture: A Global Perspective, by Patrick Sorgeloos, Patrick Lavens, and Johan Verreth
  70. Marine and Freshwater Products Handbook, edited by Roy E. Martin and Emily Paine Carter
  71. Marine Aquaculture: Opportunities for Growth by National Research Council
  72. Marine Aquaculture: Opportunities for Growth by National Research Council (U.S.)
  73. Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture by Ricardo Calado
  74. Prawn Culture by John W. Tucker
  75. Principles of Aquaculture, by Robert R. Stickney
  76. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems by Michael B. Timmons
  77. Recirculating Aquaculture, by Michael B. Timmons and James M. Ebeling
  78. Salmon Aquaculture by Michael C. Rubino
  79. Sea Urchin Aquaculture by Constantinos C. Mylonas and Estefanía P. Martínez-Páramo
  80. Shellfish Aquaculture and the Environment by Sandra E. Shumway
  81. Small-scale Aquaponic Food Production: Integrated Fish and Plant Farming by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  82. Sustainable Aquaculture: Global Perspectives by Michael New
  83. The Bream Book: A Manual for Farmers and
  84. The Fish Production Potential of the Baltic Sea by Gunnar Thorsen
  85. The Fishkeeper's Guide to African and Asian Catfishes, by David Sands
  86. The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture, by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  87. Tilapia Aquaculture, by Kevin Fitzsimmons
  88. Tilapia Culture by Abdel-Fattah M. El-Sayed
  89. Tilapia Fish Farming: Practical Manual by Lenny David
  90. Trout Farming Manual by David H. Greenberg
  91. Trout Farming Manual, by John Davidson
  92. Trout Farming Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Fish Farmers and Fishery Scientists by Michael C. Brown
  93. Tuna: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution, edited by Barbara A. Block and E. Donald Stevens.
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