TP Link Kasa Indoor Pan Tilt Smart Security Camera EC70: Your Watchful Eye

Unveiling the Features of TP-Link Kasa Indoor Pan Tilt Smart Security Camera EC70

When it comes to home security, the TP-Link Kasa EC70 Pan/Tilt Security Camera is not just your run-of-the-mill surveillance device. 

It's the James Bond of indoor cameras, complete with its own set of quirky gadgets and some cool, secret-agent-worthy features. In this extended review, we're going to take a deep dive into the world of the EC70 and see how it stacks up in the ever-growing world of smart home security.

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A Sneak Peek Inside the Box

Before we unleash our inner secret agents and talk about all the cool features of the EC70, let's start with the basics. What's in the box when you receive this intriguing gadget? Well, here's the scoop:
  • Kasa Pan/Tilt Camera: This is the star of the show, the gadget that's going to keep an eye on your home when you're not around.
  • Power Adapter: Every secret agent needs power, and this adapter ensures your camera is always ready for action.
  • 10 ft USB Cable: Just like Bond's trusty rope, this cable comes to the rescue when you need some extra reach.
  • Quick Start Guide: Not everyone is born a tech genius, so this guide gets you up to speed in no time.
  • Mounting Screws: You're going to need these to securely install your camera at your chosen location.
  • Mounting Template: Don't want to mess up the installation? The template is your secret weapon for perfect placement.
Now that we've unboxed our gear, let's dive into the real mission.

Mission: Unbelievable Full HD Video

Remember those classic spy movies where the hero could rotate and swivel the camera to get the perfect view of the villain's secret lair? Well, with the EC70, you're the hero, and the camera is your trusty sidekick.
  • Swipe Your Way to Victory: With a full HD 1080p video quality, the EC70 captures everything in stunning detail. But what sets it apart is the pan and tilt feature. Swipe your phone screen up, down, left, and right, and watch the camera obediently follow your commands in real-time. It's like having a tiny, responsive robot at your service.
  • Night Vision – The Spy's Best Friend: No self-respecting secret agent operates only during the day. Night vision capabilities allow you to see up to 30 feet in the dark. Whether it's keeping an eye on intruders or checking on your mischievous pets, the EC70's got you covered even in the pitch-black night.
  • Two-Way Audio: A true secret agent knows that communication is key. The EC70 offers crisp two-way audio, so you can talk to nosy roommates, family members, or even give your pets some instructions. The built-in microphone and speaker make sure your voice is loud and clear.
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Mission: Defend Your Home with Real-Time Detection

Every secret agent needs a trusty sidekick, and in this case, it's the EC70's real-time motion and sound detection.
  • Alerts on Your Smartphone: Receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever motion or sound is detected, even at night. No more surprises - you'll know exactly what's happening in your domain.
  • Patrol Mode: Turn your home security camera system into your personal guard. Enable patrol mode and make the most of your EC70, whether you're using it as a pet camera or nanny cam. It'll be your eyes and ears, alerting you to any suspicious activity.

Mission: Secure Your Videos Locally or in the Cloud

What's the point of all this high-tech surveillance if you can't store the evidence, right? The EC70 has you covered.
  • Local Storage: This tiny gadget continuously records and stores footage on a local MicroSD card, supporting capacities up to 64 GB (MicroSD card not included). You can view up to 30 days of video history, and it's all right there at your fingertips.
  • Kasa Care Plan: For added peace of mind, the Kasa Care Plan offers premium cloud storage options. No need to check your EC70 constantly. It'll automatically alert you when it detects motion or sound.
  • Smart Actions: Every good spy knows how to set up the perfect trap. With the EC70, you can create interactions between your camera and other Kasa devices. Set your lights to turn on when the camera detects motion. It's like having your own personal butler, turning the lights on when you enter a room.
  • Voice Control: Last but not least, for the ultimate ease of use, pair your EC70 with Alexa Echo or Google Assistant. A simple voice command can have you view your live camera feed on compatible devices. How cool is that?
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A Dash of Realism: The Pros and Cons

Before we get too carried away with the secret agent fantasy, it's important to address the nitty-gritty of the EC70. Every gadget has its quirks.


  • Affordable Excellence: The EC70 offers an impressive array of features for its price point, making it a budget-friendly option for most households.
  • Mobility at Its Best: The ability to pick up and relocate the camera easily is a game-changer. No need to commit to permanent installations just yet.
  • Night Vision Masterclass: The camera's indoor night vision is top-notch, allowing you to keep an eye on your surroundings even in the dark.
  • Comprehensive App Control: The app provides great control, from sensitivity settings to motion-triggered recordings. Plus, it's incredibly user-friendly, though there might be some variations between phone and tablet functionalities.
  • Cost-Effective Service Plan: Storing recordings from up to 10 cameras for just $10 a month is a significant cost-saving compared to other services.


  • Reflections off Glass: You can't blame the EC70 for this one, but it's worth noting that built-in lights may create reflections when viewing through glass at night.
  • Inconsistent Triggering: Sometimes, different cameras may respond differently to the same event. Adjusting sensitivity settings can help, but it would be great if the default settings detected vehicles more reliably.

Conclusion: The TP-Link Kasa EC70 – A Spy's Best Friend

In a world where home security has become smarter and more accessible than ever, the TP-Link Kasa EC70 stands out as a true secret agent among cameras. 

Its impressive features, affordability, and mobility make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep an eye on their home, loved ones, or pets. While it's not without its quirks, the EC70's strengths far outweigh its weaknesses.

So, whether you want to protect your valuables, keep an eye on your pets, or simply enjoy the convenience of modern technology, the EC70 is ready to join your team. 

With the ability to pan, tilt, and capture HD video, it's like having your very own secret agent on duty. Your home's security has never been this much fun!

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