Grohe Essence Kitchen Faucet Review: Diving Deep into the Drip

Grohe Essence Kitchen Faucet (Review): Elevating Kitchen Elegance

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, there's one essential item that often gets overlooked: the faucet. But let me tell you, the Grohe Essence Faucet is not your average faucet. In fact, it's a game-changer that combines style, substance, and a touch of fun.

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Rating :

1-10 Scale Rating : 9.2/10


  • Stunning Design: The Kitchen Faucet is a visual feast, with a design that elevates the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Exceptional Materials: The materials used in this faucet are of high quality, ensuring durability.
  • Superior Water Pressure: The faucet's spray setting offers remarkable water pressure, making tasks like dishwashing a breeze.
  • Splashing Solved: Clever design minimizes splashing, keeping your kitchen and clothing dry.
  • Flexible Rubber Middle Section: While sturdy, it allows for precise spray targeting.
  • Plumber's Delight: Installation is a pleasure for plumbers, and they often recommend it to others.
  • Variety of Colors: Grohe offers this faucet in different colors, catering to various style preferences.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Grohe's responsive customer service and support leave users satisfied.
  • Smooth Functionality: The faucet is not only beautiful but also highly functional, with a stable design and an easy-to-use sprayer.
  • Minimalist Design: Its sleek design doesn't detract from the overall kitchen decor.


  • Stubborn Rubber Middle Section: The sturdiness of the rubber middle section may be challenging for some users.
  • Aerator Clogging: Some users reported issues with the aerator clogging.

The First Impression: A Feast for the Eyes

Imagine you've just unboxed your brand-new Grohe Essence Kitchen Faucet, and you're instantly captivated by its design. It's not just a fancy tube through which water passes; it's a work of art. The quality of the design and the materials used are apparent from the moment you set your eyes upon it. This faucet isn't just functional; it's a piece of kitchen jewelry.

Elegance in Every Curve

One look at the faucet's shape, and you'll realize that it's more than just a water dispenser. Its elegant lines and curves give your kitchen an instant facelift. But what about that rubber middle section? You might be skeptical, as I was, based on product photos. However, in person, it's a lot more tasteful than you'd expect. It doesn't look out of place in any kitchen, whether you live in a chic urban loft or a middle-class apartment in Brooklyn.

The Magic of Water Pressure

Now, let's talk water pressure. When you turn this faucet to the spray setting, you're in for a pleasant surprise. The water pressure you get is remarkably better than your old faucet. It's like upgrading from a garden hose to a firehose (figuratively, of course). The normal mode of operation delivers a gentler flow, perfect for everyday tasks. But it's the spray mode that steals the show. It's a pressure powerhouse, making tasks like rinsing dishes a breeze.

The Rubber Middle Section: Flexible Friend or Stubborn Partner?

One of the interesting features of this faucet is the rubber middle section. It's not just for show; it's designed to be practical. It's easy enough to maneuver, enabling you to dislodge the hose from its resting place. 

This flexibility allows you to target the spray with precision. However, it's a tad more sturdy and stubborn compared to your typical faucet. But, here's the silver lining: that sturdiness is a plus. With a more restricted movement, it's easier to hold the hose in place and avoid accidental sprays.

A Plumber's Pleasure

Your plumber might not be a poet, but they do know their faucets. When my plumber saw the Grohe Essence, he remarked that I'd chosen "a beauty" of a faucet. Installing it was a pleasure for him, and he even mentioned that he'd recommend this unit to other clients. It seems Grohe has a reputation for making high-quality products, and they certainly didn't disappoint with this faucet.

A Long-Awaited Upgrade

Now, let me share a personal anecdote. My biggest splurge in my small Seattle condo was a Grohe kitchen faucet. I absolutely loved it. When I purchased my new home, I knew that I would eventually replace the existing kitchen faucet with another Grohe. Finally, I took the plunge, and I wonder why I waited so long. This faucet is a masterpiece.

The Art of Disappearing Act

One of the remarkable aspects of the Grohe Essence Kitchen Faucet is its ability to disappear. It stands tall, but thanks to its sleek styling, it blends seamlessly with your kitchen decor. It's like a ninja faucet—always there when you need it, but never in the way.

Seamless Functionality

This faucet isn't just a pretty face. It's functional too. The faucet is incredibly stable, and with a simple move of the holder bar, you have full access to the sprayer. It's not wrapped in an industrial-looking spring spout, which makes it a breeze to clean. 

Let's face it; most kitchens already have enough visual texture. The minimal look of this faucet doesn't detract from other elements in your kitchen that deserve the spotlight.

Colors for All Tastes

Grohe understands that we all have different tastes. That's why they offer this faucet in different colors to appease everyone's style preferences. Whether you like the classic StarLight Chrome or you want to make a bold statement with a different hue, Grohe has you covered.

Two Years and Counting

One user shared their experience with this faucet, which has been installed since July 2019. They mentioned that the aerator became clogged, but the true highlight here is Grohe's customer service. 

When they couldn't find instructions online, and their emails to Grohe went unanswered, they took to the internet to share their frustration. Grohe read their comment and responded, sending the part they needed. It's a testament to Grohe's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Powerful Performance

Another user gushed about the faucet's performance. They described it as a fantastic faucet with a very powerful spray mode and a smooth regular mode. What stood out was the "nice feel" when turning it on. It provides just the right amount of resistance, making it feel high quality. 

The flexible, bendy arm is great for cleaning plates, and it easily snaps back into place. They liked it so much that they got another one for downstairs. They've had it for two years, and there have been no issues.

Why Grohe Essence Kitchen Faucet is a Must-Have:

  • Contemporary Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet: This single-handle, single-hole faucet gives your kitchen a clean, professional look.
  • Metal Dual-Function Spray Head: Toggle between a steady stream and a powerful spray with the touch of a button.
  • Colorful Hose Options: Want to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Grohe offers flexible hoses in various colors for a quick and easy kitchen update.
  • Secure Docking: When the spray head isn't in use, it's securely held in place by the integrated docking arm.
  • Drip-Free Performance: Equipped with a high-quality ceramic disc valve, you won't have to worry about annoying leaks.
  • Easy to Clean: The kitchen faucet sprayer features GROHE SpeedClean rubber nozzles, making it a breeze to wipe away limescale with just your fingertip.
  • Single-Handle Faucet: Features GROHE SilkMove for smooth, precise handle control and operation.
  • Swivel Convenience: The SmoothTurn spring arm swivels 360°, making it ideal for island-friendly use and easy access to every corner of your kitchen sink.
  • Durable Finishes: GROHE StarLight coating maintains luster on brushed and polished finishes, ensuring your faucet continues to shine.

The Perfect Combination of Style and Substance

In summary, the Grohe Essence Faucet is more than just a water dispenser; it's a statement piece that elevates your kitchen to a new level of elegance. Its thoughtful design, powerful spray mode, and excellent customer service make it a worthwhile investment.

If you're looking for a faucet that's not just functional but also a piece of kitchen art, the Grohe Essence  Faucet is your answer. It's the perfect marriage of style and substance, and it's here to make your kitchen tasks a whole lot more enjoyable. Say goodbye to splashing, embrace the elegant design, and experience the power of Grohe in your kitchen. 

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