OXO 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale: The Comedian's Kitchen Sidekick

Cooking with Precision: A Deep Dive into the OXO 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale

Cooking is a delicate art, a culinary symphony where precision and measurement play a vital role in orchestrating the perfect dish. 

For anyone who's ever ventured into the fascinating world of cooking, having the right tools can make all the difference. Among these, the OXO 11 Pound Food Scale shines as a beacon of culinary accuracy and convenience.

In this extensive review, we're going to take a deep dive into the world of the OXO food scale. 

Discover how this stainless steel marvel can elevate your culinary skills and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. From its basic features to the intricate details that set it apart, join us on this delightful culinary journey.

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  • High Precision: The OXO food scale excels at measuring ingredients with remarkable precision down to tenths of an ounce, ensuring consistent and accurate results in your recipes.
  • Versatility Beyond Baking: This food scale is not limited to baking; it's a versatile kitchen companion that can be used for various recipes that rely on weight measurements, making it a valuable tool for home chefs.
  • Perfect Portioning: It facilitates portioning of bulk food, such as meat, into one-serving sizes, saving time and money by simplifying meal preparation.
  • Innovative Pull-Out Display: The pull-out display with small magnets eliminates the issue of shadowing when weighing ingredients in large plates or bowls, making it easy to read measurements.
  • Longevity and Memory: The scale's display remains active for up to five minutes, preventing interruptions and distractions during the measuring process, and it retains your measurement progress.
  • Fast and Responsive: The OXO scale boasts a quick response time, with gram measurements updating near-instantaneously, providing real-time measurements.
  • User-Friendly Design: It's incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible even for those who are not fond of complex calculations.
  • Durability: The OXO Good Grips scale is designed to withstand spills, exposure to heat and cold, making it a reliable kitchen tool.


  • Top Plate Removal: Some users may find the removal of the top plate unsettling, as it feels like it shouldn't be pulled too hard to avoid potential damage, although it offers the convenience of surface washing.
  • Size: The OXO scale is larger compared to some older models, taking up more space in the kitchen drawer, which can be seen as a drawback.

The Scales of Culinary Justice

A Star-Studded Introduction

Before we embark on this culinary adventure, it's essential to set the stage with an understanding of the scale's reputation. The OXO 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale has earned an impressive 4.8-star rating from countless users. This glowing rating is no small feat and serves as a testament to the scale's culinary prowess.

Precision at Its Best

At its core, the OXO food scale excels at its primary task: measuring ingredients with remarkable precision. Whether you're a novice cook or a seasoned chef, the scale provides impeccable accuracy down to tenths of an ounce. This level of precision ensures that your recipes are consistently delicious.

Beyond Baking: The Scale's Versatility

The Hidden Gem for Non-Bakers

"But reviewer, I hardly ever bake! What am I going to use this thing for?" Fear not, as the OXO food scale proves to be a versatile kitchen companion. Even if you're not diving into baking, this scale can revolutionize your cooking endeavors.

If your recipe relies on weight measurements, this scale can be a game-changer. Whether you're portioning out meat from a bulk purchase or attempting to perfect your coffee recipe as an aspiring barista, the OXO scale has your back. No more guesswork or inconsistent results in the kitchen.

The Poetry of Portioning

Picture this: You've purchased a massive haul of bulk food (e.g., meat) from a warehouse store. With the OXO food scale, you can effortlessly portion it into one-serving sizes, saving you time and money in the long run. Spend a little extra effort over the weekend, and you'll enjoy the convenience of perfectly portioned ingredients whenever you cook.

Design Delights: More Than Meets the Eye

The Pull-Out Display Magic

One of the standout features of the OXO food scale is the ingenious pull-out display. This feature eliminates the pesky issue of shadowing when weighing ingredients in large plates or bowls. The display is held securely in place with two small magnets and can be easily extended, making it a breeze to read the measurements.

Memory and Longevity

This OXO scale doesn't just measure—it remembers. The display remains active for an impressive five minutes, giving you ample time to attend to other culinary tasks without losing your measurement progress. No more frustrating interruptions or distractions while you're in the middle of weighing out your ingredients.

Fast and Furious Measurements

If you thought all food scales were created equal, the OXO scale will pleasantly surprise you. It boasts a lightning-fast response time, making it ideal for a seamless cooking experience. Gram measurements update near-instantaneously, eliminating any delay as you add ingredients. You can practically stream water into a bowl and watch the numbers tick up in real-time.

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Functional Finesse and Minor Quibbles

Removing the Top Plate

While the OXO food scale is a culinary wizard, some users might find the top plate's removal a bit unsettling. It feels like it shouldn't be pulled too hard, fearing the possibility of breaking a clip or causing the platform to bend. However, it does offer the convenience of surface washing.

A Bit Larger, A Bit Better

Compared to some older models, the OXO scale is larger. This could be seen as a drawback as it takes up more space in your kitchen drawer. However, this size is advantageous when dealing with larger quantities of ingredients like meat or dough. The platform's ample size can handle these without requiring an additional plate, simplifying your cooking process.

Quality of Life Upgrade Worth the Splurge

The Price of Culinary Bliss

At first glance, the OXO 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale might appear to be on the pricey side. However, when you consider the quality of life improvements it brings to your kitchen, it's worth every penny. If you're a dedicated home chef who relies on a food scale frequently, this investment is a culinary game-changer.

The Beginner's Friend: User-Friendly and Sturdy

A User-Friendly Companion

For those who are intimidated by complex calculations, fear not! The OXO scale is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible for even the most math-averse cooks. You'll find that weighing ingredients becomes a breeze, even if you've never been fond of numbers.

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A Companion That Lasts

The OXO Good Grips scale is designed for durability, making it an ideal choice for continuous use in the kitchen. It can withstand spills, exposure to heat and cold, and the occasional culinary mishap. This reliability is a feature that brings peace of mind to any avid home chef.

The Imperceptible Downside and a Confident Conclusion

The Case of the Missing Metal Plate

While the new OXO model has many advantages, one drawback is the removal of the metal cover plate for washing, unlike its predecessor. This might inconvenience some users who appreciated the extra convenience of cleaning the plate separately.

A Confident Choice

In summary, the OXO 11 Pound Food Scale is an investment in your culinary journey. Its user-friendliness, durability, and precision make it an indispensable tool for home cooks. While it may seem a tad expensive, the quality of life improvements it offers are well worth the investment.

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Final words : Elevate Your Culinary Game with OXO

In the world of cooking, precision is the key to culinary excellence. The OXO 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale emerges as a culinary companion that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of home chefs. Its versatile features, user-friendly design, and durability make it a must-have in any kitchen.

So, whether you're a novice cook seeking the right tool to aid your culinary adventure or a seasoned chef looking for an upgrade, the OXO scale is your trusted ally. Let it become your culinary confidant, and watch your dishes transform into masterpieces of precision and taste. It's time to take your culinary journey to the next level with the OXO food scale!

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