25 Top Criminal Law Experts You Should Know About!

Its life, it can happen with you or anyone anytime, crime is on the rise worldwide and so is the demand for criminal law experts and for that reason I am going to provide you guys some really top notch well known criminal law experts that you can count on when it comes to your legal woes in crime domain!
Criminal Law Experts

So let’s get to it!

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25 Criminal Law Experts List

Jay M. Feinman

Notable Achievements:

  • Expert in torts, legal malpractice, insurance law, criminal law & contract law
  • Recipient of various teaching awards
  • Author of more than seven books and over 60 scholarly articles
  • Member of American law institute
  • Advisor to United policy holder

For more check this link Jay M. Feinman

James Duane

Born near Buffalo New York, was classmate and good friend of United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Notable Achievements:

  • Well known radio, TV personality.
  • Has been practicing criminal defense, civil litigation for over thirty years.
  • Receiver of three times faculty excellence award at Regent Law School in Virginia.
  • Served as faculty associate at Harvard University.
  • Been a faculty member to black’s law dictionary.
  • And ton more achievements!

Sanford Kadish

Born in New York city (1921-2014), considered as “the preeminent criminal law scholar of his generation", "America's foremost scholar of the criminal law", check Sanford Kadish

Notable Achievements:

  • One of the drafters of American Model Penal Code
  • Remained president of American Law Schools & American Association of University Professors.
  • Vice president of American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
  • Author of highly cited article on “Due Process”.
  • Considered as one of the founders of criminal law field.
  • Author of first comprehensive encyclopedia on criminal law.
  • And ton more achievements!

Joshua Dressler

Notable Achievements:

  • One of the USA well known authority on criminal law & criminal procedure
  • Is the first Distinguished Professor & Scholar Chair at University of Pacific.
  • Achiever of University Eberhardt Teaching and Scholar Award at McGeorge School of Law.
  • Received Donald H. Gordon Teaching Excellence Award at Wayne State University.
  • Best professor Award at Hamline University.
  • Has been a Visiting professor at University of Michigan, UCLA, Fordham University, University of California, and the University of Texas.
  • Super Author, authored books on Criminal Law & criminal procedures, that are utilized by professors in over hundred law schools plus author of more than 60 scholarly articles.
  • Has been editor in chief of encyclopedia of crime & justice.

Kevin M. Gilmartin

Resident of Tucson, Arizona and Salem, Oregon.

Notable Achievements:

  • Spent twenty years in law enforcement Tucson Arizona.
  • Received National Police Officer Citation Award.
  • Adjunct Instructor at New York state school of industrial & labor relations.
  • Guest instructor at the FBI Academy’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Institute (LEEDS and EDI).
  • His work has been published by FBI, IACP & Department of Justice.
  • Former vice-president of the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology.

John Kaplan (1929-1989)

Notable Achievements:

  • Notable authority in the field of criminal law
  • His book Criminal Justice is taught in over hundred colleges in the US.
  • Was special US attorney in department of justice.
  • Also worked as Assistant United States Attorney (in northern district of California).
  • Has been in the teaching faculty of Stanford University, University of California, Northwestern University etc.

John Boessenecker

Notable Achievements:

  • Won Spur Award from Western Writers of America
  • Won eight awards on eight books related to criminal law.
  • Has been considered one of the best nonfiction writer by True West Magazine.
  • Received best book award from Westerners International
  • Frequently appears on The History Channel, PBS, A&E.

Philip Remington Dunn

Notable Achievements:

  • Over thirty years of experience in criminal law
  • Received “Special Recognition” from Californian state assembly
  • Received “Local Heroes” award for invalidating life sentence & murder conviction.

Joel Samaha

Notable Achievements

  • Professor at university of Minnesota
  • Author of three text books
  • Received “Distinguished Teacher” Award at University of Minnesota
  • Have been faculty member of UCLA
  • Author of well renowned book, “Criminal Procedure” that is currently going through 7th edition.
  • His articles appeared in Historical Journal, American Journal of Legal History, Minnesota Law Review, William Mitchell Law Review, and Journal of Social History.

Andrew F. Branca

Notable Achievements:

  • Over thirty years of experience in criminal law
  • Internationally recognized author on America Self-defense Law.
  • Guest instructor at SigSauer academy at Epping, where his main focus is on self-defense law.
  • Frequently invited by news organizations like Wall Street Journal, NPR & frequently quoted by the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune etc

Frank Lombardo

Notable Achievements:

  • Over twenty five years of experience in construction accidents cases, complex litigation, labor law cases.
  • Former president of Brooklyn-Manhattan Trial Lawyers Association
  • His verdicts & settlements include
$1.1 Million - Pedestrian Struck by Bus
$950,000 - Construction Accident: Injured Union Worker
$850,000 - Premises Liability: Slip and Fall on Dancefloor

For more check this link Frank Lombardo

Michelle Alexander

Notable Achievements:

  • Won NAACP image award for best nonfiction book
  • Worked as Law Clerk at United States Supreme Court
  • Achieved Soros Justice Fellowship (2005)
  • Has been director of Racial Justice Project at ACLU of Northern California
  • Associate professor at Stanford Law School
  • Her work is being quoted and featured on national radio, other media outlets like NPR, MSNBC, Washington Journal, Bill Moyers Journal, C-SPAN etc

John Douglas

Notable Achievements:

  • Received two Thomas Jefferson Awards for academic excellence from University of Virginia.
  • One of the first criminal profilers
  • Remained FBI unit chief & special agent
  • Interviewed some of the most notable criminal of modern times.
  • Considered an authority on serial killers
  • Author of over ten superbly written nonfiction and fiction books on the subject matter.

For more check this link John Douglas

Stephen A. Saltzburg

Notable Achievements:

  • Co-director of the litigation & Dispute resolution program
  • Professor of law at Wallace & Beverly Woodbury University
  • He was given the highest title of University Professor
  • Had been working as arbitrator for international Chamber of Commerce.

Held the following govt positions

  • Director of US Treasury Department
  • Associate Independent Counsel
  • Chair of ABA criminal justice
  • Deputy Assistant Attorney
  • Attorney General’s ex-officio

Lawrence M. Friedman

Notable Achievements:

  • Law Professor, Historian, Guru in American Legal History
  • Most cited law professor in the field of legal history
  • Received six honorary law degrees
  • Fellow at American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  • President of RCSL, Law & Society Association

Harold J. Berman (1918-2007)

Notable Achievements:

  • Law professor at Harvard Law School
  • Considered as one of the greatest polymath in American legal history
  • Author of 25 books & over 400 scholarly articles
  • Received degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, by the Catholic University of America; the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, by the Virginia Theological Seminary; the degree of Doctor, honoris causa, by the Russian Academy of Sciences Law University.
  • Was fellow of American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Paul Bergman

Notable Achievements:

  • Professor of Law Emeritus
  • Received University Distinguished Teaching award & an award for Excellence In Teaching Trial Advocacy by American Trial Lawyers Association
  • UCLA Emeriti Relations awarded him too
  • Author & CO-author of over 15 books on the subject matter

Marie-Helen Maras

Notable Achievements:

  • MPhil in criminology & criminal justice, DPhil in law, each of these degrees done from University of Oxford.
  • Been in teaching faculty at SUNY-Farmingdale & New York University.
  • Author of three notable books that covers topics such as Laws & Evidence, Computer Forensics, Criminal justice.
  • Author of couple of dozen scholarly articles that appeared in renowned journals like European Journal of Law, Hamburg Review of Social Sciences, International Journal of law, Crime & Justice etc.
  • Around a decade experience in security & law enforcement
  • Supervised over 130 counter-surveillance operations

Rolando V. del Carmen

Notable Achievements:

  • Received Outstanding Mentor Award from ACJS
  • Doctor of the science of Law (J.S.D) from University of Illinois
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) from university of California Berkeley
  • Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) from Southern Methodist University
  • Author of around 100 scholarly articles on the subject matter
  • Author of over two dozen books on the subject matter
  • Author & contributor of around a dozen government publications & reports
  • Provided consultation to different bodies, firms, organization in over a dozen countries.
  • Received Regent Professor Award, the highest award; from Sam Houston State University, by the Board of Regent.
  • Received Outstanding Law Alumni Award from Silliman University College of Law
  • Received Founders Award from ACJS
  • Received Piper Foundation Award
  • And a ton more awards.

For more details check Rolando V. delCarmen

Randall Kennedy

Notable Achievements:

  • Law Professor at Harvard University
  • Author of seven books
  • Received Robert F. Kennedy Book Award
  • Received National Achievement Scholarship Award
  • Received Rhodes Scholarship Award
  • Worked on editorial boards of various magazines that include The Nation, American Prospect etc.

Member of the following Organizations, bodies, firms

  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences
  • American Law Institute
  • American Philosophical Association

George E. Dix

Notable Achievements:

  • Chair of criminal law at University of Texas (Austin)
  • Author of around thirty books on the subject matter
  • Author of around hundred scholarly articles on the subject matter
  • Contributor to around a dozen books on the subject matter

William H. Rehnquist

Notable Achievements:

  • Served in the Supreme Court of United States as Associate Justice & as 16th Chief Justice of the United States, serving nearly for 19 years.
  • Eighth longest serving justice in Supreme Court history
  • Author of five books

For more check William H. Rehnquist

William S. Bailey

Notable Achievements:

  • Included in famous The Best Lawyers in America
  • Received Trial Lawyer of the Year award from Washington Association for Justice
  • Remained member of ABOTA
  • Named as one the Seattle Top lawyers by Seattle Magazine while Super Lawyer by Washington Law Politics
  • Author of three books on the subject matter.

Heather Mac Donald

Notable Achievements:

  • Received Quill & Badge Award
  • Received Integrity in Journalism Award
  • Received 2005 Bradley Prize
  • Received Civilian Valor Award
  • Received Eugene Katz Award
  • Has been attorney-advisor in the Office of the General Counsel of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Frequently appears on Fox News, CNN, ABC News etc along with on various Radio Platforms.

Her work on the subject matter frequently appears in the following magazines:

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The New Criterion
  • Washington Post
  • The New Republic

Roy Black

Also known as The Professor

Notable Achievements:

  • Received William R. Butler Community Service Award
  • Received Top Lawyers Award
  • Received Person of the Year Award
  • Has been added to Florida Legal Elite Hall of Fame
  • Received Florida Super Lawyer Award
  • Received Best Lawyers Award
  • Received Nelson Poynter Award
  • Received Life Time Achievement Award
  • Received Minette Massey Award
  • Received Criminal Justice Award
  • And a ton more awards, achievements, check this link for more The Professor 
  • Well known for defending & acquittal of William Kenndy Smith, Actor Kelsey Grammer, Billionaire Jeffery Epstein, Justin Bieber etc.

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