TOP 25 Calligraphy Experts [From World Over, World Famous!!!]

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well, in today's post we will be discussing some super awesome calligraphy experts that you can learn from or hire online in just about minutes and get your job done in just about few hours.

Red color indicates the top expert level in calligraphy art.

So let's get to it

50 Top Class Calligraphy Experts

  1. Kim, From London, UK
  2. Arga, From Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Dane, From USA
  4. Abdelmounime, From Morocco
  5. Salvatore Rotolo, From Italy
  6. Maygeen, From Bangladesh
  7. Qaswedo, From Russia
  8. Laura, From USA
  9. Sujoy Podder, From India
  10. Calligraphy Studio, UK
  11. Luu, From UK
  12. Saad Jan, From Pakistan
  13. Hayatosata Yama, From Japan
  14. Kristin, From USA
  15. Margaret Shepherd, From Boston, USA
  16. Amy Latta, From USA
  17. Julien Chazal, From france
  18. Maureen Peter, From USA
  19. Sarah Richardson, From USA
  20. Whitney Farnsworth, From USA
  21. Eleanor Winters, From USA
  22. James Bennett, From USA
  23. Marc Drogin, From USA
  24. Molly Suber Thorpe, From Athens, Greece
  25. Sally Sanders, From USA

Kim, London, UK

In her own words "Hello! I am a graphic designer experienced in calligraphy design, layout design, logo design, image-making, marketing and creative direction. Feel free to contact me :) Kim"

Her work Samples:

Contact: Contact Kim

Arga, Jakarta, Indonesia

In her own words, "Hi, I'm Arga from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm here to earn more money for my next vacation. Currently I work as an architect and here ;) Looking forward to work with you!"

Her Work Samples:

Contact: Contact Arga

Dane, From USA

In her own words "Hello! I'm Dane! I started this journey in January of 2017 when I started to learn brush calligraphy. Later on, I tried different mediums - from fountain pens to dip pens and watercolor painting. Currently, I'm focusing more on hand lettering KJV Bible Verses and quotes for home or office decor wherever it will see fit. All designs that I create are hand-lettered using an iPad and vectorize to deliver crisp and high-resolution png file."

Her Work Samples:

Contact: Contact Dane

Abdelmounime, From Morocco

In his own words "Hi! I am Abdelmounime a professional graphic designer. My goal is to help you meet your personal and business goals with high-quality work. I am passionate about what I do and I am always looking for an opportunity to expand my design portfolio, knowledge, and skills. I love challenges and that drives me to become a better designer. 

I am very focused on my work and my turnaround is quick. My 5 years of experience give me the confidence to guarantee my work to your satisfaction. I want to create a long-lasting growing relationship with you. Please let me know how may I help you"

His Work Samples:

Salvatore Rotolo, From Italy

In his own words "Hi! My name is Salvatore Rotolo and I'm a creative director, graphic designer and calligrapher from Sicily, Italy. I fell in love with calligraphy and hand-lettering 5 years ago and since then I've been designing logos, letterings and t-shirt designs based on handwritten letters."

His Work Samples:

Maygeen, From Bangladesh

In her own words "Hi, this is Maygeen and I am very happy that you are here! If you need a graphic design or something like that, I am the person who can HELP YOU! I give you the chance to ensure that I am suitable for this job. I LOVE what I do, so please let me show you! Feel free to message me. I'll try to reply you as soon as possible. Thank you! Best, Maygeen".

Her Work Samples:

Qaswedo, From Russia

In his own words "Hello there!

I am a professional calligrapher and lettering artist with more than 4 years experience. I can create an eye-catching logo for your project, make print design for your clothes or something else. Also I love to design personal signatures. My calligraphy skill allow me to do this clearly and gracefully.

Feel free to write me any questions you have :)".

His Work Samples:

Laura, From USA

In her own words:

Hi, I'm Laura

Very Pleased to Meet You!

Additionally, our small family business creates educational resources and curates top notch calligraphy supplies for those interested in learning the art. We believe calligraphy should be approachable so that others can flourish in their creativity and inject a little bit of fancy into the world through the art of pointed-pen.".

Her Work Samples:

Watch the following video, She is the expert and she also teaches calligraphy!

Contact: Contact Laura

Sujoy Podder, From India

In his own words "n/a".

His Work Samples:

Calligraphy Studio, UK

In their own words "We are experienced calligraphers working with clients from a wide range of industries, from start-ups to world-renowned organisations. Through our wealth of experience, we engage with our clients in a professional way and provide practical and prompt service. We offer quick turnaround times from our Studio in central London.

We welcome jobs of all sizes: from certificates and short poems, to stationery for weddings and larger events. We use a calligraphic dip pen and lightproof ink for the majority of our works, but we can advise on other low cost alternatives.

All members of our staff are experts in western calligraphy styles, graphic design and layout, so we can recommend the best way to realise your ideas in the shortest time possible. All your personal information is kept secure and we guarantee that you are safe in our hands.

We offer both traditional calligraphy and handwriting services. This ensures that your requirements are met as efficiently as possible. We can offer on-site service for some commissions.

Calligraphy Studio is the professional solution to all your calligraphy needs. Whether you are seeking to raise brand awareness, engage with new clients, or add prestige to your events, we dedicate ourselves to understanding your organisation and its goals.

Calligraphy Studio is essentially email-based. Our team of highly skilled professional calligraphy artists is available to give free online consultations and quotations without any obligation.

We specialise in European Calligraphy (Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets). Calligraphy in all other writing systems – such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and others – can only be produced if a correct copy of the original text is provided.

Our team of calligraphy experts and lettering designers is based in London. Each of us has a BA or MA degree in Calligraphy or Graphic Design. All our calligraphers are Fellows of The Society of Scribes & Illuminators (SSI) or The Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS), so we guarantee they are highly skilled specialists with extended experience in this field. We are able to offer both traditional and modern calligraphy, and we are happy to assist you with any calligraphy requests, from weddings commissions to courses – including personal mentoring.

We work closely with clients to get to know them and their needs better. As a result, we have an extensive base of loyal, returning clients. If you are new to commissioning calligraphy, we understand this can be a daunting experience. We can provide clear and straightforward advice to help you make the most effective choices.".

Their Work Samples:

Luu, From UK

In his own words "Hi, I'm Luu! Making calligraphic logotypes is my passion that has become my main occupation. Using iPad pro with apple pen I can create a unique typographic logo based on a handwritten sketch. I have 1+ years of experience working with letter forms. ".

His Work Samples:

Contact: Contact Luu

Saad Jan, From Pakistan

In his own words "I am a skilled, talented, and motivated graphic designer with 4 years of experience working on various projects. I am always open to interesting projects and looking forward to cooperating with you! I can give life to your ideas and can effectively translate your ideas into a powerful and targeted message. I have my own channel with the name of "Mono Creativity". Please Subscribe.".

His Work Samples:

Hayatosata Yama, From Japan

In his own words "Working as Graphic Designer in Tokyo for 20 years. If you need Japanese native design, Please ask me. My favorite designs are kanji calligraphy, business cards, flyers, and logo designs.".

His Work Samples:

Contact: Contact Hayat

Kristin (June & Lucy), From USA

In her own words "Hello there crafty friends of mine! I’m Kristin - mama to the most incredible little human around, graphic designer, hand letterer, and creator of June & Lucy. I love the 4 C’s in my life: cats, coffee, couches, and cooking, and as you can tell from my Instagram captions, I think I am much funnier than I probably am.".

Her Work Samples:

Author of three best sellers on calligraphy

Marget Shephered, From Boston USA

About Her "Margaret Shepherd is a writer, calligrapher, and teacher. In addition to "The Art of the Handwritten Note," she has written thirteen books on calligraphy, including the top selling "Learn Calligraphy" now a classic in the field.

She has lectured at MIT's 'charm school' about the importance of handwritten notes, and at many, many colleges and interest groups about the basics of calligraphy. She has given workshops all over the world, from Uzbekistan to Hanoi to Helsinki. She lives in Boston.

Calligraphy fans can visit her blog for free printouts: practice guidelines; a cat calligraphy design; and her new "An Abecedary to Color" that offers a collection of six capital letters every week. She also posted a new calligraphy alphabet every day there for a year.

Margaret considers beginners the most important members of the calligraphy community, and aims to inspire, encourage, and challenge them. Thousands of readers feel they know her as though they have sat in her classes. Almost all of her books are written by hand in her calligraphy, and liberally illustrated with a wealth of drawings, diagrams, guidelines, and sample projects.".

Her Work Samples: 

Well tbh, her work is on whole different level, checkout her gallery and site for more details here Margaret Shephered.

Amy Latta, From USA

In her own words "Hi, friend!  I’m so glad you stopped by today!  I’m Amy Latta, and in March of 2011, I started a little blog called One Artsy Mama with the hopes that my little piece of the internet would be a place where people could come to create and be inspired.  I sincerely hope that’s happening today!

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a wife, a mother, and artist…which means I’m always busy and usually messy!  I have a B.A. in English from McDaniel College. and worked for four years as a teacher in the public school system. I also worked as a ballroom, latin, and swing dance instructor before making the decision to start my own business.

Here on the website, I share a variety of project types including home decor, fashion, kids’ crafts, sewing, jewelry, crochet and more. My favorite topic, though, is hand lettering. I have written five books on hand lettering, the first of which has sold over 100,000 copies and been translated into Portugese! I also have a regular “getting crafty” segment on the lifestyle show Good Day PA and share projects on KSL Studio 5, WBAL TV 11, WJZ 13, Midday Maryland, and Hallmark Home & Family. 

In 2017, I experienced the adventure of a lifetime as our family expanded through international adoption.

I am happiest when creating something and enjoy making all kinds of projects with my 12 year old “Little Crafter” and my 13 year old “Scout.” In my spare time {if there ever is any!}, you can probably find me at Starbucks.

To contact me, feel free to post on my Facebook page or email me at amylattacreations{at}gmail{dot}com.".

Her Work Samples:

She is definitely the expert when it comes to awesome calligraphy, her work is so rich and tremendous, we reommend that you vist her website for all the details and you will definitely get what you are looking for, here is Amy website.

Julian Chazal, From france

About Julian Chazal "Born in 1971 in Nancy and a former student of Fine Arts, Julien Chazal very early on became an independent artist. Arrived in Paris in 1997, he continues to give regular courses and internships.

In 2002, he created in Nancy an association of Latin calligraphy today very active, Apex, where he invites each year calligraphers of international renown and teaches in 2007 at the Higher School of Fine Arts of Reunion. He also led internships in Turin (Italy), Liège and Namur (Belgium), Montreal (Quebec).

Many companies call on him for his innovative and creative talents: Boucheron (jeweler), Ungaro (events), Agnès b. (fashion), Rothschild bank, l'Oréal, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, FNAC, Flammarion, Chaumet, Balenciaga, Shiseido or other references.

His notoriety opened the doors to French and international cinema: Le Pacte des Loups by Christophe Gans, Adolphe by Benoît Jacquot, L'Affaire du Collier (American film by Charles Shyer), Du Rouge sur la Croix (TV film by Dominique Othenin-Girard) ), Molière by Laurent Tirard, where he trained Romain Duris in goose pen calligraphy, as well as Emmanuelle Devos for Violette. He also worked on one of Jacky Chan's films.

In 2001, he was published by Éditions Alternatives with Un Matin sur Babel, un Soir à Manhattan, in collaboration with Michel Sauquet, a contemporary author. For 2 years, from 2005 to 2006, with the bi-monthly publication of a magazine devoted to Latin calligraphy, L'Art de l'Écriture , published by Fabbri, in 50 booklets.

In March 2012, the book Calligraphy, the Complete Guide , was published by Eyrolles editions, which traces more than 15 years of teaching practices and which was published in 2013 in the United States ( Calligraphy, the Complete Guide ). It will be published in China in 2015 and in Spain in 2017. Bien debut en Calligraphie is published in the same editions in 2013, as well asMailArt & Calligraphy , which traces a large part of the envelopes that calligraphers from all over the world have sent him.

Since 1996 and for more than 10 years, he has participated each year in the “Rencontres Internationales des Doigts Noirs” to work on new experimental forms of contemporary Latin calligraphy and continues to exhibit regularly in France and abroad.

Today recognized as one of the best calligraphers in Europe, Julien Chazal actively participates in international projects (Lyuba, the baby Mammoth) and continues to develop his research in new techniques such as lapidary engraving. He continues to teach at a high level and today presides over the MOF competition (One of the Best Craftsmen in France) in the Calligraphy section.

Latest articles:

His Work Samples:

Julian Chazal is the master of calligraphy, please check his website for more details, you will learn a lot from him.

Maureen Peters, From USA

About her " Maureen Peters is a former president of the Philadelphia Calligraphers' Association".

Her Work Samples:

Sarah Richardson, From USA

About her "Sarah Richardson has been a calligrapher for 8 years. Sarah graduated from Hendrix College with a degree in Art History, and graduated with her Certificate in Design Communication Arts from UCLA. 

Her work has been featured by Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop. 

She is a member of The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH). @sarahscript on Instagram.".

Her Work Samples:

For her work samples please check her website, she is definitely the type of expert you may have been looking for, here is Sarah Richardson Website.

Whitney Farnsworth, From USA

In Her Own Words: "I Whitney- a calligrapher, graphic designer, and lover of all things handmade. I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband and our three little girls. One of God's innumerable gifts to me was a deep passion to create. A love of beautiful words written out on paper in careful penmanship led to my discovering the art of calligraphy. Out of that discovery and a desire to always be working with my hands, this business was born.

Browse through my portfolio to see more of my work. If you would like to work with me, have a question, or would just like to say hello, you can email me at  I am available for custom work and collaborations.".

Her Work Samples:

Contact: Contact Whitney Farnsworth

Eleanor Winters, From USA

About Her "Eleanor Winters has been an active participant in the international calligraphy movement for more than three decades. A commercial as well as fine-art calligrapher, she is the author of five calligraphy books:

  1. Calligraphy in Ten Easy Lessons (Dover Publications, 1984),
  2. Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy (Dover, 1989),
  3. Calligraphy for Kids (Sterling Publishing , 2004),
  4. 1-2-3 Calligraphy (Sterling Publishing, 2006)
  5. and Italic and Copperplate Calligraphy (Dover, 2011).

She is currently working on her next book, Remembering the Children, a collection of calligraphic paintings commemorating the children deported from Paris during World War II who died in the Nazi concentration camps.

She served as Director of the Calligraphy Workshop in New York City for 25 years, taught as a Professor of Art at Long Island University from 1990 – 2005, and is currently on the faculty of the New York Society of Scribes calligraphy program.

She teaches workshops in the US and Europe and has visited Asia as a calligraphy instructor numerous times, including two month-long teaching trips in 2014 and 2015. As a fine art calligrapher, Eleanor has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in the US and Europe. She divides her time between New York and Paris.".

Her Work Samples:

Please check her website for more details.

Contact: Contact Eleanor Winters

James Bennett

About James Bennett "James (Jim) Bennett is an award-winning educator and artist. Teaching calligraphy and Italic handwriting is one of his specialties. He is the founder of the Original Calligraphy Web Ring. He has also developed ways to use art to teach math.

He has authored numerous how-to books including Calligraphy For Dummies and Calligraphy for Creative Kids (and Adults too!). His novels are: Secrets of the Wizard (2015), To Catch a Tiger (2015), The Year of Winners (2016), The Poughkeepsie Mystery (2016).

Jim's education includes a year at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virgina, and an MFA degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is the recipient of a Virginia Museum Certificate of Distinction and was named the Southwest Ohio Art Education Teacher of the Year for 2003.

Jim grew up in Virginia and is married to his college sweetheart. He has four children, and eight grandchildren. He and his wife live in Poughkeepsie, NY and are forever pursuing new adventures.".

His Work Samples:

For more details please check his website: James Bennett Website

Contact: Contact James Bennett

Marc Drogin, From USA

About Him "Drogin began work as a technical secretary, first at New York University, and then at Columbia University in New York City. His first drawings appeared as line fillers in New York's The Village Voice in the 1950s. He turned to journalism as a career in 1960, working as a reporter, editor, and features editor in newspapers from Colorado to Cape Cod.

At one point a humor columnist on The Chicago Daily News, his columns were syndicated in newspapers from Britain to Borneo. He was also a staffer on Look Magazine's The Insider's Newsletter in New York.

For more details check this link.

His Work Sample:

Please check his best selling book titled "Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique (Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography)".

Contact: n/a

Mollysuber Thrope, From Athens, Greece

In Her Own Words "Hi!, I'm Molly, I design custom lettering for brands and individuals around the world, digital assets for lettering artists, and tools for creative freelancers. Since 2009, I have worked with clients including Google Arts & Culture, Michael Kors, Martha Stewart, Lonely Planet, and Fendi. My work has been featured in such publications as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Weddings, Los Angeles Times, and Buzzfeed. ".

For more details check Molly Website.

Her Work Samples:

Check Molly Website.

Contact: Contact Molly

Sally Sanders, From USA

About Her "Sally lives in the Western US, dwarfed by mountains and endless sky, monolithic sandstone and vast open desert, continually surrounded by beauty that finds its way into her art. She is a painter and a professional calligrapher. 

She has taught calligraphy to hundreds of students, and finds teaching valuable in helping to ensure the art form is alive and flourishing. Modern Calligraphy for Kids is her first book."

Her Work Samples:

Check Sally Sanders Website

Contact: Contact Sally Sanders

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