Furbo Kit Reviews: Unleashing the Bark-tastic Truth About this Pawsome Gadget!

Furbo Kit Reviews: The Scoop on Why Dogs Are Giving it Four Paws Up!

In a world where work hours seem to stretch longer than a Great Dane's legs, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera enters the scene as a canine superhero, donning a dazzling 4.5-star cape. 

As a devout dog lover navigating the challenges of long shifts, I embarked on a journey to discover if this futuristic contraption could truly be the sidekick every pet parent dreams of.
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  • 360° Rotating View: Furbo's ability to provide a complete room coverage with its 360° rotating view ensures no moment with your pets is ever missed.
  • Treat-Tossing Prowess: The treat-tossing feature emerges as a standout, allowing pet parents to engage with their furry friends remotely, turning separation moments into virtual celebrations.
  • Adjustable Treat Size: The customizable treat size feature adds a layer of flexibility, ensuring that the joy of treats is not compromised by concerns about doggy diets.
  • Multi-Purchase Discount: Users can benefit from discounts, especially during events like Prime Day, making it more affordable for those with multiple pets or those considering sharing the joy with fellow dog lovers.
  • Ease of Setup: Furbo stands out in a tech-saturated world by offering a simple three-step setup process, making it accessible even for the less tech-savvy pet parents.
  • Real-Time Smart Alerts: The smart alerts feature, including bark alerts, provides reliable insights into pet activities, allowing quick check-ins and interaction via the app.
  • Bank-Level Encryption: Furbo prioritizes the security of user data with bank-level encryption and 2-step verification, ensuring a secure connection for pet parents.
  • Quality Build: The Furbo camera proves its reliability by weathering power failures and internet outages gracefully, automatically recovering and reconnecting.
  • Real-Time 2-Way Audio: The audio capabilities of Furbo allow seamless communication with pets in real-time, creating a connection that transcends physical distance.
  • Quality Camera Features: The full HD camera, 360° rotating view, and real-time smart alerts contribute to creating a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for pet parents.


  • Potential Treat Theft: While not explicitly mentioned in the article, some users in other reviews have reported concerns about pets figuring out how to open the Furbo and steal treats.
  • Subscription-Based Features: Certain features, such as additional alerts and cloud recording videos, require a subscription, which might be an additional cost for users on a tight budget.
  • Possibly Overkill for Some Users: Some  Users not interested in advanced features like rotating, tracking, or smart alerts might find Furbo's capabilities more than what they need, potentially making it a pricier option for simple monitoring.

Furbo Magic Unleashed: A Pup Parent's Perspective (Introduction)

Since my work shift changed and the realization hit that my beloved furballs spent more time alone than I'd like, I knew it was time to call in reinforcements. Enter Furbo, the canine guardian angel equipped with a 360° rotating view, treat-tossing prowess, and a bark alert that rivals even the most vigilant watchdog.

Treats, Tricks, and Tails: The Canine Connection

The treat-tossing ability of Furbo emerged as the secret sauce of this high-tech concoction. With the capability to fling treats remotely, I found myself playing the role of a virtual treat DJ. It's not just about curbing anxiety but turning separation moments into a virtual celebration. Plus, the adjustable treat size feature ensures that the joy isn't marred by guilt-induced doggy diets.

Furbo Kit Reviews

A Tale of Two Paws: Double the Delight on Prime Day

A savvy shopper, I scooped up not one but two Furbo cameras on Prime Day. However, with the realization that my pups were more united than I thought, contemplating the return of one became a real possibility. Still, it speaks volumes about the product when you're torn between keeping both or sharing the joy with a fellow dog lover.

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Sophie's Symphony: A Furbo Success Story

In the heartwarming tale of Sophie, a seven-year-old lab-sized dynamo, Furbo played a pivotal role. From couch patrols to squeak-worthy moments, the Furbo app's microphone became my canine conductor's wand. The result? A harmonious coexistence where plastic, leather, and remote controls were safe from Sophie's curious jaws.

From Furbo Fumbles to Pet Cube Pitfalls: A Journey of Redemption

Before Furbo, I dabbled in the world of pet cameras and stumbled upon a budget-friendly alternative. Little did I know, the cheap thrill came at the cost of treats that never made it to their intended destination. The return to Furbo, despite its price, felt like coming home. Set up was a breeze, treats soared through the air, and picture-perfect quality had me wondering why I ever strayed.

Furbo: More Than a Camera, a Canine Companion

In a world saturated with tech jargon and complicated setups, Furbo stands out as a beacon of simplicity. The three-step setup process felt like a technological tango with my newfound companion, and the in-app tutorial was the guiding star, ensuring even the most tech-challenged pet parent could waltz through the process.

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Furbo Security: Guarding More Than Treats

As a pet parent, security goes beyond just treats and tricks. Furbo's bank-level encryption and 2-step verification reassured me that my data was as secure as a dog's loyalty. It weathered power failures and internet outages with grace, proving its reliability in the face of unexpected hiccups.

Furbo: A Symphony of Senses

Beyond the treat-tossing fanfare and 360° visual extravaganza, Furbo's real-time 2-way audio became the symphony conductor in my canine orchestra. Adjusting volumes seamlessly, it allowed me to soothe anxious pups and engage in delightful conversations, creating a harmonious connection that spanned both distance and time.

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Furbo 360°: A Canine Companion's Utopia

In a world where pet cameras promise the moon and stars, Furbo delivers a galaxy. The full HD camera, 360° rotating view, and real-time smart alerts merge seamlessly to create a utopia for pet parents. Whether it's barking, chewing, or simply a moment of adorable antics, Furbo ensures you're never out of the loop.

Furbo: The Heartbeat of the Home

In nutshell, Furbo isn't just a camera; it's the heartbeat of my home. It transformed anxiety into anticipation, separation into celebration, and moments into memories. For any dog lover navigating the turbulent waters of long work hours, Furbo isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in joy, connection, and the unbreakable bond between a pet and their parent. Unleash the Furbo magic, and let the canine adventures begin!

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