ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 Reviews: Unleashing Comedy in the Wild!

Breaking News: Hilarious ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 (Reviews) Unveiled!

Embarking on a varmint-hunting escapade, I recently acquired the ICOtec  Gen 2 programmable predator call. Buckle up as I take you through the wild ride of my experiences with this remarkable device that boasts a stellar 4.5-star rating.

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  • Versatile Call Repertoire: The ICOtec GC500  offers a diverse selection of 25 individual calls, creating a wildlife symphony that adds a dynamic touch to any hunting scenario.
  • Adjustable Loudness: The call's adjustable loudness enhances its versatility, allowing hunters to adapt to different environments and situations.
  • Remote Control Prowess: With a remote range of up to 100 yards, the device provides hunters with a magical wand for distant control, making it a strategic asset in the varmint-hunting game.
  • Upgrade with Purpose: The inclusion of an off switch on the remote in the GC500 Gen 2 resolves the accidental call issue, providing users with better control during their outdoor adventures.
  • Stalwart Performance in Harsh Conditions: The compact, lightweight design and commendable battery life with AA batteries allow the GC500 Gen 2 to thrive even in zero-degree Wyoming weather.
  • Customer Service Lifesaver: ICOtec's customer service proves to be a valuable asset, offering quick and knowledgeable responses to inquiries and providing assistance in navigating the challenges of downloading calls.
  • Technological Marvel: The device's technological features, including a 300-yard remote range, 200 custom professional calls, and additional buttons like pause and on/off, contribute to a seamless and uninterrupted hunting experience.
  • Night Navigation Ease: The remote control's night light button facilitates nocturnal navigation, adding a layer of convenience to nighttime hunting activities.
  • Budget-Friendly Performance: Despite its impressive features, the ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 remains a budget-friendly option, providing hunters with a cost-effective yet high-performing predator call.


  • Tech Puzzles: The process of adding extra calls presents a challenge, leaving users puzzled about whether to use a separate SD card or if the device exclusively supports MP3 files.
  • Text Size on Remote: The layout of the remote control, while designed for clarity, may leave users yearning for slightly larger text, especially when navigating the device under dim lighting conditions.
  • Dependency on AA Batteries: While the device performs well in cold conditions with AA batteries, the dependency on these batteries may become a limitation for some users.

The Serenade of Calls: An Electronic Orchestra

The electronic call of the ICOtec  Gen 2 is nothing short of a wildlife symphony. With a repertoire of 25 individual calls, each tune is as enchanting as the last. The adjustable loudness adds a dynamic touch, making it a versatile companion for any hunting scenario.

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Dusk Shenanigans: Startling Realism and Hilarity Ensue

Imagine my wife, innocently walking the dog at dusk, blissfully unaware of the impending sonic adventure. Armed with the Wood Pecker Distress call, I lured her attention, only to transition smoothly to the Coyote Pup Distress and finally, the high-pitched Female Coyote howl. 

The result? A mix of bewilderment and a touch of panic – she about had a "hart" attack! The realism of the calls truly shines through, leaving me in stitches and her with an unforgettable story.

ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 Reviews

Remote Wizardry: From Distant Control to Crow Ambush

The remote control's prowess extends up to 100 yards, making it a magical wand for any varmint hunter. During a daring crow call experiment, I found myself mobbed by actual crows, convinced that distress was afoot. The remote's functionality is not limited to calls; it effortlessly toggles the Predator Decoy (sold separately), adding a layer of strategy to the hunting game.

Upgrade Chronicles: From Accidental Calls to Purposeful Predation

A lesson learned the hard way: the model below lacked an off switch on the remote, leading to accidental calls disrupting the tranquility of the wilderness. In a swift decision, I upgraded to the GC500 Gen 2, ensuring control and peace during hikes. A looming wolf-hunting expedition awaits this fall, and the anticipation is palpable.

Tech Puzzles: MP3 Files, SD Cards, and the Enigma of Extra Calls

Navigating the technological wilderness, I encountered a puzzle – adding extra calls. The manufacturer claims it's possible, but my attempts left me scratching my head. Is it a separate SD card affair, or does it exclusively groove to MP3 files? The mystery lingers, adding an element of intrigue to my GC500 Gen 2 saga.

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Varmint Visions: From Wyoming Winds to Doggy Dilemmas

In the harsh Wyoming winter, the GC500 Gen 2 emerged as a stalwart companion. Its compact, lightweight design and commendable battery life with AA batteries held up against zero-degree weather. The online sound library provided a rich selection, and, in a peculiar turn of events, unleashed a canine cacophony in my yard, much to the neighborhood's amusement.

Customer Service Chronicles: The Lifesaver in the Tech Jungle

Amidst the confusion of downloading calls, a lifeline emerged – ICOtec's customer service. A perplexing email was swiftly met with a reassuring phone call, unraveling the mysteries of the download protocol. The quick, knowledgeable response left me pleasantly surprised, proving that even in the tech jungle, there are guides to lead the way.

Under the Hood: Deciphering the ICOtec GC500 Gen 2

Peeling back the layers of the ICOtec GC500  reveals a technological marvel. With a 300-yard remote range and 200 custom professional calls, this predator call boasts tremendous battery life. The addition of the pause call button and on/off button on the remote eliminates the timer hassle, providing an uninterrupted hunting experience.

Remote Control Symphony: Navigating the Night with Style

The remote control, designed for clarity and ease, features a night light button for nocturnal navigation. The play and stop buttons take center stage, while the favorites button promises instant recall of up to six preset sounds. The layout, though, left me yearning for slightly larger text, especially under the dim glow of night.

The ICOtec Promise: A Budget-Friendly E-caller Extravaganza

For a budget-friendly predator call, the ICOtec GC500  delivers an impressive performance. The external speaker port and decoy port amplify its versatility. The promise of loading up to 200 custom sounds opens a world of possibilities, setting the stage for a symphony of varmint calls.

Conclusion: The ICOtec Experience – A Howling Success

In drawing the final bow on the ICOtec  Gen 2 saga, it becomes increasingly evident that this isn't merely an e-caller; it's an indomitable partner in crime for the discerning varmint-hunting enthusiast. 

As I reflect on the trove of experiences woven into the fabric of this device, the realization dawns – it's more than a tool; it's an instrument orchestrating the symphony of the wild.

The startling realism infused into each call transcends mere functionality; it's a doorway to a realm where the boundaries between hunter and prey blur into a seamless dance. The Wood Pecker Distress call becomes not just a sound but a narrative, a script that unfolds in the unsuspecting wilderness. 

The Female Coyote howl ceases to be a mere audio clip; it's a siren song that reverberates through the untouched landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the very essence of the hunt.

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In navigating the technological puzzles, the ICOtec transforms into a riddle waiting to be solved. The enigma of adding extra calls becomes a quest, a digital treasure hunt that propels the user into a realm of exploration. 

The allure of potential solutions, be it a separate SD card or a preference for MP3 files, only enhances the mystique, making the journey as captivating as the destination.

The ICOtec experience, encapsulated in the GC500 Gen 2, is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt where every call, every button pressed, unravels a new layer of excitement. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, from the laughter-inducing prank on my wife to the awe of witnessing a crow mob in response to a call. 

It's a visceral experience that transcends the realms of a mere hunting tool, elevating it to a cherished companion in the quest for the wild.

As I eagerly anticipate the curtain call in the upcoming hunting season, the ICOtec GC500 Gen 2 stands tall as a testament to innovation, entertainment, and the unexplored possibilities within the varmint-hunting domain. The partnership forged with this device is not merely utilitarian; it's a camaraderie with an electronic marvel that breathes life into the hunting narrative. 

With every call, it beckons to the wild, inviting enthusiasts to join a howling success story that transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary.

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