Callaway Supersoft vs TaylorMade Soft Response: Unveiling the Ultimate Golf Ball Showdown

Callaway Supersoft vs TaylorMade Soft Response: Unveiling the Ultimate Golf Ball Showdown

In the realm of golf ball preferences, the choice between the Callaway Supersoft and TaylorMade Soft Response has become a focal point for players seeking the perfect blend of performance and feel. With glowing user reviews for both products, the decision boils down to nuanced differentiators. 

Callaway's Supersoft stands out with its ultra-low compression core and HEX Aerodynamics, emphasizing distance and control. Meanwhile, TaylorMade's Soft Response boasts a low 30 compression core, promising an exceptionally soft feel and optimized aerodynamics. 

This article delves into the comparative analysis of these two popular golf ball options, helping enthusiasts make an informed choice in the perpetual debate of Callaway Supersoft vs TaylorMade Soft Response.

Brief Overview Table:

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Name Customer Rating Overall 1/10 Scale Rating Model Name Part Number     Weight Brand Price on Jan/2024
Callaway Supersoft   4.8 9.6 SUPERSOFT 19 GOLF BALL 642845612 ‎630 Grams Callaway $32.95
TaylorMade Soft Response 4.4 8.7 ‎Soft Response TM22SOFTRESPONSE ‎620 Grams TaylorMade $33.42

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


  • High User Ratings: Rated at 4.8 stars, indicating strong user satisfaction.
  • Visibility: Bright colors make it easy to spot on the fairway or in rough areas.
  • Quality and Affordability: Users appreciate the balance of quality and affordability compared to other brands.
  • Great Feel: Noted for exceptional feel, especially around the greens.
  • Consistency: Users value the consistency and performance, making it their preferred choice for consistency.
  • Forgiveness: Described as forgiving with a soft feel, providing good control and flight.
  • Easy to Find: Bright colors make it easy to find in tall grass, and they're visible during flight.
  • No Discoloration or Staining: Colored balls don't discolor or stain like white balls.
  • Comparable to Premium Balls: Some users find performance comparable to higher-priced balls like ProV1.


  • Personal Preference: Some players may find them too soft or mushy, and it takes time to get used to.
  • Visibility Issue: Complaints about all balls being marked as 1, making it difficult to track during rounds.
  • Discontinuation of Hex Solaire: Disappointment expressed over the discontinuation of Hex Solaire without a clear replacement.

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TaylorMade Soft Response


  • Positive Ratings: Rated at 4.4 stars, indicating good user satisfaction.
  • Premium Ball Feel: Users praise the premium ball feel and control at a more affordable price.
  • Fast Delivery: Fast delivery and good condition upon arrival noted by customers.
  • Low Compression Core: New low 30 compression core for soft feel.
  • Aerodynamics: Dimple design optimized for reduced drag and increased lift.
  • Maintains Ball Speed: Large core and Speedmantle layer maintain ball speed and distance.


  • Limited User Feedback: Limited specific feedback, making it challenging to identify potential drawbacks.
  • Subjective Performance: Performance may vary for low, medium, and high handicappers, depending on individual preferences and playing style.

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Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls:

  • Compression Core: Ultra-low compression core for fast ball speed and increased accuracy.
  • Aerodynamics: Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics for reduced drag and enhanced lift, resulting in longer carry and distance.
  • Cover Formulation: New softer Trigonometry cover formulation for enhanced feel and increased greenside control.
  • User Feedback: High user ratings with positive comments on visibility, feel, and performance around the greens.
  • Color Options: Available in bright colors, making them easy to spot and less prone to discoloration or staining.

TaylorMade Soft Response:

  • Compression Core: Low 30 compression core for an exceptionally soft feel.
  • Aerodynamics: Steeper and shallower dimples to reduce drag and increase lift, optimizing aerodynamics.
  • Cover Material: New softer ionomer cover for an overall soft feel from cover to core.
  • User Feedback: Positive ratings with emphasis on premium ball feel, control, and affordability.
  • Performance for All: Suitable for low, medium, and high handicappers, offering a balance of softness and performance.


  1. Soft Feel: Both products highlight a soft feel as a key feature.
  2. Maintained Ball Speed: Both emphasize maintaining ball speed and distance.
  3. User Ratings: Both products receive positive user ratings, indicating customer satisfaction.
  4. Affordability: Users appreciate the balance of quality and affordability in both products.
  5. Delivery and Condition: Positive comments on the fast delivery and good condition of the golf balls upon arrival for both products.

It's clear that both the Callaway Supersoft and TaylorMade Soft Response share commonalities in user satisfaction, affordability, and a focus on providing a soft feel. The differences lie in specific technologies, aerodynamics, and cover formulations, catering to varying golfer preferences and playing styles.

Here's more information about these products; we'll begin with Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft

As a seasoned golfer with over 35 years of experience, I've had my fair share of encounters with various golf balls. Among the myriad options available, the Callaway Supersoft has unequivocally secured its place as my go-to choice on the course. With a stellar rating of 4.8 stars, this golf ball has garnered admiration for its exceptional balance of quality and affordability.

Callaway Supersoft

Key Feature: Ultra-Low Compression Core

The standout feature that has consistently impressed me is the Supersoft's ultra-low compression core. This technological marvel promotes not only fast ball speed but also a level of accuracy that's crucial for a player with a single-digit handicap. 

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When I strike this ball, it goes the distance, matching the performance of other renowned brands. However, where the Supersoft truly shines is around the greens. The feel it provides is unparalleled, allowing for precision and control that I've come to rely on during crucial moments in a round.

Vibrant Visibility on the Fairway

One of the first things that caught my attention is the vibrant and easily visible colors of the Supersoft. In a game where tracking your ball is paramount, these bright hues make it a breeze to locate, even when it inevitably finds its way into the rough. 

The matte finish and the selection of colors are not just for aesthetics but contribute significantly to the overall experience. The green ones, in particular, surprised me with their superior quality and appearance, dispelling any preconceived notions I may have had about colored golf balls being gimmicky.

Consistency: A Golfer's Best Friend

Consistency is key in golf, and the Supersoft has become my steadfast companion in this pursuit. I appreciate the effort to mark each ball for individual identification, although the issue of all balls being marked as "1" has caused a minor inconvenience during rounds when playing multiple balls. Nevertheless, this has not deterred me from considering the Supersoft as a reliable and consistent choice.

Forgiveness in Flight and on the Green

As a player who values the mental aspect of the game, I understand the importance of using the same balls consistently. The Supersoft not only meets but exceeds my expectations in this regard. The softness of the ball is something that takes a bit of getting used to, as some of my playing partners have pointed out. 

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However, once acclimated, every other ball on the market feels like hitting a rock in comparison. The forgiveness in flight, coupled with the muted spin due to the softness, adds to the overall playability of the Supersoft.

Affordability Without Compromise

While some may find the Supersoft too mushy initially, this perception often changes with time. As one of those who initially harbored reservations about colored balls, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance of the Supersoft, especially in comparison to its white counterpart. 

The psychological aspect of using colored balls, perhaps related to depth perception, seemed to enhance my striking ability, resulting in a more confident and satisfying game.

The Callaway Supersoft: An Endorsement

In a market filled with options, the Supersoft's affordability without compromising on quality is a major draw. The cost-effectiveness, coupled with the performance that rivals even premium balls like the ProV1, makes it a compelling choice. The ease of finding the ball in tall grass and its visibility during flight further solidify the Supersoft's status as my preferred golf ball.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Your Game

In conclusion, the Callaway Supersoft has not only won me over but has become a staple in my golf bag. Its innovative features, such as the ultra-low compression core, HEX Aerodynamics, and vibrant colors, contribute to a golfing experience that is both enjoyable and performance-driven. 

The Supersoft's consistent playability, forgiveness, and affordability make it a standout choice for golfers seeking a reliable companion on the course. For those yet to experience the virtues of the Supersoft, I wholeheartedly endorse giving it a try—it might just revolutionize your game as it did mine.

"Explore the TaylorMade Soft Response with insights from Jason, a reliable friend knowledgeable in matters related to Sports & Outdoors"

TaylorMade Soft Response

In Jason's golfing journey, the TaylorMade Soft Response has emerged as a game-changing companion, earning a commendable 4.4-star rating and becoming the subject of admiration among fellow enthusiasts. As a player constantly in search of the perfect blend of control and affordability, Jason found solace in the Soft Response's promise to play like a premium ball at half the price.

An Introduction to TaylorMade's Soft Response

Jason, having heard about TaylorMade through a friend, decided to give the Soft Response a shot after experiencing a recent loss of his preferred golf balls. The anticipation was met with swift fulfillment, as a dozen of these sought-after golf balls arrived promptly, providing Jason with a sense of renewed excitement as he returned to the golf course.

TaylorMade Soft Response

Key Feature: Low 30 Compression Core

The Soft Response's low 30 compression core became an instant hit with Jason, delivering on the promise of an exceptionally soft feel. This key feature, coupled with a new softer ionomer cover, transformed the playing experience for Jason, elevating it to a level akin to that of premium golf balls. The ball's construction aims to strike the delicate balance between softness and maintaining the necessary rigidity for optimal performance.

Aerodynamics for Enhanced Playability

Steeper and shallower dimples on the Soft Response contribute to reduced drag and increased lift, optimizing aerodynamics. This feature, identified by Jason, not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the ball but also plays a crucial role in ensuring a trajectory that aligns with a player's preferences. The design choices made by TaylorMade in the aerodynamics department have resonated well with Jason, enhancing his overall control during play.

Positive Ratings and Commendations

With a string of affirmations like "great control" and "play like a premium ball," Jason found himself in agreement with the general sentiment expressed by other users. The positive ratings reflected the collective satisfaction of players who appreciated the Soft Response's ability to deliver on its promise without breaking the bank. 

Jason's delight with the golf balls being "like brand new" upon arrival attests to the product's quality and the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Suitability for All Player Types

The Soft Response's adaptability to a range of player skill levels, from low to medium to high handicappers, struck a chord with Jason. 

As someone who values a versatile golf ball that can cater to varying playing styles, Jason found the Soft Response to be an inclusive choice, ensuring an enjoyable experience for golfers of different skill sets. The ball's ability to maintain ball speed and distance, thanks to its large core and Speedmantle layer, further contributes to its broad appeal.

A Golfer's Verdict: Softest Ball from Cover to Core

From cover to core, the Soft Response has earned its title as TaylorMade's softest ball. This resonated with Jason, who values a soft feel in a golf ball for its impact on overall playability. The combination of the low compression core, softer ionomer cover, and carefully designed dimples has created a golf ball that aligns with Jason's preferences and enhances his enjoyment on the course.

Conclusion: A Premium Experience at Half the Price

For Jason, the Soft Response isn't just a golf ball; it's a revelation. The perfect balance of softness and performance, coupled with an affordable price tag, makes it a standout choice. 

The aerodynamic design, adaptability to different player types, and positive user ratings all contribute to Jason's confidence in his selection. As a golfer who seeks both control and financial prudence, the Soft Response has become an integral part of Jason's golfing arsenal, providing a premium experience without the premium price.

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In the grand tapestry of golf ball choices, TaylorMade's Soft Response has woven itself into Jason's narrative as a reliable, cost-effective, and performance-driven companion, earning its spot as a noteworthy player in the ongoing debate of golf ball preferences.phu


What is a soft response golf ball?

TaylorMade Soft Response, a "soft response" golf ball typically refers to a golf ball with a low 30 compression core and a new softer ionomer cover. This design is intended to provide a softer feel upon impact, enhancing control and playability, particularly in the short game.

What is a soft compression golf ball?

A "soft compression" golf ball, such as the TaylorMade Soft Response, typically refers to a golf ball with a low compression core. In the case of the TaylorMade Soft Response, it is mentioned to have a low 30 compression core. The compression rating of a golf ball relates to how much the ball compresses upon impact with the club. 

A lower compression golf ball is designed to compress more easily, especially with slower swing speeds. This characteristic often results in a softer feel, potentially providing more control and playability, especially in the short game. Players with varying swing speeds may benefit from the softer compression of these golf balls.

How do I know if my golf ball is soft?

You can determine if your golf ball is soft by considering the following factors:

  • Compression Rating: Look for information on the compression rating of the golf ball. In the context of the TaylorMade Soft Response, it's mentioned to have a low 30 compression core. Generally, lower compression golf balls tend to feel softer upon impact. 
  • Cover Material: Check the cover material of the golf ball. In the case of soft response golf balls, a softer cover material is often used to enhance the overall feel. For example, the TaylorMade Soft Response features a new softer ionomer cover. 
  • User Reviews: Pay attention to user reviews and feedback. Golfers often share their experiences with the feel of a golf ball. If multiple users mention a soft feel upon impact, it's an indication that the golf ball is designed to provide a softer response. 
  • Manufacturer's Description: Read the manufacturer's description or product specifications. Golf ball manufacturers often highlight the key features of their products, including whether the ball is designed for a softer feel. 
  • Dimple Design: While not explicitly mentioned in the provided data, the dimple design can also influence the feel of a golf ball. Some soft response golf balls may incorporate specific dimple patterns to optimize aerodynamics and enhance the overall playing experience. 
By considering these factors and referring to the product information or packaging, you can determine if your golf ball is designed to offer a softer feel upon impact. Keep in mind that individual preferences may vary, so experimenting with different golf balls can help you find the one that suits your playing style and preferences.

What does Supersoft mean with a golf ball?

Supersoft in the context of a golf ball, specifically the Callaway Supersoft, refers to a golf ball designed with certain characteristics to provide an exceptionally soft feel. Key features associated with the Supersoft golf ball include: 

Ultra-Low Compression Core: 

The Supersoft is mentioned to have an ultra-low compression core. Compression refers to how much the ball compresses upon impact with the club. A lower compression golf ball tends to feel softer and may be more forgiving, especially for players with slower swing speeds. 

Soft Cover Formulation: 

The Supersoft features a new softer Trigonometry cover formulation. The cover material contributes to the feel of the ball, and a softer cover can enhance overall playability and control, particularly in the short game. 

HEX Aerodynamics:

The Supersoft incorporates HEX Aerodynamics, which is optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift. While not directly related to softness, this design feature may influence the overall performance and flight characteristics of the golf ball.

What is Callaway Supersoft compression?

Callaway Supersoft golf ball has an "ultra-low compression core." However, the exact numerical value for the compression rating is not specified in the given information. To obtain the precise compression rating of the Callaway Supersoft, it is recommended to refer to the official Callaway website, product packaging, or contact Callaway directly. 

The compression rating is a crucial factor that influences the feel and performance of the golf ball, with lower compression typically indicating a softer feel and potential benefits for golfers with slower swing speeds.

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