ACR Electronics Bivy Stick Review: Why This Gadget is Wilder Than a Stand-Up Comedy Show!

Bivy Stick Boogie: A Hilarious ACR Electronics Bivy Stick (Review) That Will Make You LOL!

Let the drums roll; the ACR Bivy Stick has graced my off-grid escapades, earning itself a solid 4.3 stars after two months of thrilling adventures. Imagine a recent camping trip where I effortlessly sent and received a whopping 84 messages, deep in the heart of the forest. 

The Bivy Stick stood tall, proving its mettle and securing its spot as the unsung hero of my outdoor gear collection.

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  • Stellar Performance: The Bivy Stick earns a solid 4.3 stars, showcasing its impressive performance during off-grid escapades, including sending and receiving numerous messages effortlessly deep in the forest.
  • Affordable Alternative: Positioned as a budget-friendly alternative to the Garmin inReach, the Bivy Stick offers equal prowess in SOS locator functionality without burning a hole in the user's wallet.
  • Responsive Tech Support: Despite minor bugs in the Android app, the Bivy Stick's tech support proves quick and responsive, encouraging users to report bugs for future updates, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing improvement.
  • Educational Value: The article emphasizes the importance of user education, suggesting that investing time in learning about the device pays off in colossal rewards. Google and instructional videos are recommended resources for mastering the Bivy Stick.
  • Global Nomad's Peace of Mind: Beyond recreational use, the Bivy Stick proves its worth on international trips to politically sensitive countries and backcountry motorcycle rides, providing a simple yet effective solution for peace of mind with its SOS button.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android: The Bivy Stick's compatibility with both iOS and Android apps is highlighted as a showstopper, boasting 100% global Iridium satellite coverage, enabling two-way communication, GPS tracking, emergency SOS, weather reports, and location sharing.
  • GroupTrack Feature: The introduction of GroupTrack adds a social element to the device, allowing group messaging and tracking for up to 12 people, catering to activities like search and rescue, adventure racing, and keeping tabs on a group in the wild.
  • Off-Grid Messaging Extravaganza: The Bivy Stick excels in off-grid messaging, enabling users to effortlessly send unlimited check-in messages with their GPS location, turning the device into a storyteller that leaves a breadcrumb trail for loved ones to follow.
  • Bivy App's Backstage Pass: The Bivy App offers a treasure trove of features, including maps, tracking, and adventure planning with over 50,000 excursions, coupled with the revolutionary GroupTrack to keep the adventure alive even when miles apart.
  • Compact and Lightweight: In a world of satellite communicators, the Bivy Stick stands out for its compact and lightweight design. With an active Bluetooth connection and global access to the Iridium Satellite Network, it provides versatility in mounting options.


  • Quirky Dance of Bugs: Like any relationship, the Bivy Stick has its quirks, with minor bugs identified in the Android app. While these don't significantly impact the overall experience, they suggest a need for ongoing software refinement.
  • Email Hiccups: Some Users may encounter email-related issues, as demonstrated by the device's messages being sent to the Spam folder. While fixable, it highlights a potential hurdle that users need to be aware of and address promptly.

Garmin inReach? Psh! Meet the Affordable Alternative

They say Garmin inReach is the gold standard for SOS locators, but why empty my pockets when the ACR Bivy Stick offers a budget-friendly alternative with equal prowess? I can't personally attest to the inReach, but the Bivy Stick is my trusty sidekick, providing similar functionality without burning a hole in my wallet. It's a win-win situation for my pocket and my peace of mind.

Bugs and Glitches: ACR Bivy Stick's Quirky Dance

Like any relationship, mine with the Bivy Stick had its quirks. The Android app had a few minor bugs, but nothing that dampened the overall experience. Tech support was quick to lend a helping hand, urging me to report any bugs for future updates. It's a partnership, after all – glitches and all.

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acr electronics bivy stick review

Mastering the Bivy Stick: It's an Art, Not a Science

The mistake many make is assuming a satellite communicator is a plug-and-play device. Oh, no! It demands attention, like a fine instrument waiting to be played. When my Bivy Stick arrived, I took it to the desert for a spin – sending messages to my sister, my cellphone, and my email. 

Ah, the email hiccup! Turns out, my email was playing hard to get, tossing Bivy Stick's messages into the Spam folder. Easy fix, but a valuable lesson learned.

High Sierra Chronicles: Five Days of Bivy Brilliance

On a recent 5-day camping trip in the High Sierra mountains, I put the Bivy Stick through its paces. Daily text messages to my sons weren't just for familial banter; it was a meticulous test of the device's capabilities. Signal strength? Check. Clear shot of the open sky? Double-check. The Bivy Stick emerged victorious, and my confidence in it soared higher than the Sierra peaks.

The Global Nomad's Peace of Mind

Beyond the thrill of outdoor escapades, the Bivy Stick proves its worth on international trips to politically dicey countries and during backcountry motorcycle rides. Its simplicity is its strength – a beacon of peace of mind. The SOS button ready to dispatch help in case of an emergency replaced my cumbersome HAM radio, simplifying my adventures without sacrificing safety.

Google is Your Friend: The Bivy Stick Education

A nugget of wisdom for aspiring Bivy Stick aficionados – education is the key. Dive into Google, feast on instructional videos, and let the magic unfold. This device requires a bit of courtship; get to know it, and it'll dance to your tune. The effort is small, but the rewards are colossal.

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Compatibility Unleashed: ACR Bivy Stick for iOS and Android

The Bivy Stick's compatibility dance with both iOS and Android apps is a showstopper. It boasts 100% global Iridium satellite coverage, a dance floor for two-way communication, GPS tracking, emergency SOS, weather reports, and location sharing. The subscription plans offer flexibility, and the absence of activation fees is the cherry on top.

GroupTrack: When Solo Isn't Enough

Cue the entrance of GroupTrack – the Bivy Stick's entourage for those who prefer company. Group messaging and tracking for up to 12 people, making it the perfect wingman for search and rescue, adventure racing, or just keeping tabs on your wild bunch. Stay connected, no matter how wild the terrain.

Off-Grid Messaging Extravaganza

Effortlessly send unlimited check-in messages, each with a sprinkle of your GPS location. The Bivy Stick transforms into a storyteller, leaving a breadcrumb trail for your loved ones to follow. The thrill of adventure, now delivered straight to their fingertips.

Maps and Adventures: The Bivy App's Backstage Pass

A sneak peek behind the curtain reveals the Bivy App's treasure trove – maps, tracking, and adventure planning with over 50,000 excursions ready to be explored. The revolutionary GroupTrack keeps the adventure party alive, even when you're miles apart.

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Compact, Lightweight, and Ready for Anything

In the world of satellite communicators, the Bivy Stick emerges as the David among the Goliaths. With an active Bluetooth connection and global access to the Iridium Satellite Network, it's compact, lightweight, and ready to be hung, clipped, or mounted on anything that stands still long enough.

Conclusion: Bivy Stick - A Symphony of Adventure

In the grand symphony of adventure, the ACR Electronics Bivy Stick plays a melodious tune. It's a versatile companion, a communicator, a navigator, and a guardian in the vast wilderness

My journey with the Bivy Stick has been a crescendo of excitement, proving that adventure, when amplified by reliable technology, becomes an unforgettable experience. I'm not just a happy customer; I'm a Bivy Stick enthusiast, and I proudly raise my stars to the little device that made the wilderness my playground.

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